10 things you need to know before traveling abroad

Mary Anne Lonergan November 8, 2019

International travel tips you always wanted to know

10 things you need to know before traveling abroad

As the world is becoming more connected with each passing day, people from every walk of life have rejuvenated themselves and are traveling all over the world to experience a broader perspective of life. However, it’s crucial to note that though traveling to another country is always exciting and lots of fun, it can sometimes turn out to be pretty hectic not only for the amateur travelers, but even for a pro. Here’re 10 things that anyone needs to know before traveling to another country.

    • While one doesn’t need to memorize his/her passport’s expiration date, it’s crucial to check it well ahead of booking an international trip, and renew it if the expiration date is approaching.
    • One of the most important things to know before traveling to another country is to check whether any travel alerts or travel warnings are issued about the desired destination.
    • Depending on where one’s going, getting special vaccines or medications may be required and this is one of the must-do in this compilation of international travel tips.
    • Contacting the banks for the cards one plans to carry is important to avoid any hassle.
    • Getting travel insurance is equally important to stay protected from thefts and accidents.
    • Obtaining adequate knowledge about currency conversion rate of the destination country is another must-do thing.
    • Getting all the gears for electronic devices like laptop, iPad etc is another important thing because of the variance in electrical outlets across countries.
    • One of the key international travel tips is to reserve the first hotel in advance.
    • It’s important to plan the itinerary with room for changes.
    • Having copies of all the travel documents is another important thing that one must not neglect.

Though these are the key things to know before traveling abroad, there’re also some other things to consider as well like the destination country’s culture, cuisine etc, because knowing these ahead of time will help one avoid any last-minute surprises or problems.


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