An overview of Australian cuisine

Mary Anne Lonergan December 19, 2019

Reviewing modern Australian cuisine

An overview of Australian cuisine

Food has always been an integral part of the Australian cultural experience for visitors from across the world. One of the unique aspects of Australian cuisine is that it offers a fine blending of Asian flavors and European techniques. Australian food experienced significant changes at the end of the World War II when people from Asia and Europe brought new seasonings, crops, and cooking methods with them.

Though meat has always been a major part of the Australian diet, toward the end of the 20th century, the consumption of meat decreased slightly because the Australians, like others throughout the world, started to be concerned about their health. Modern Australian cuisine mainly encompasses items like lamb, pork, beef, seafood, poultry etc in the non-vegetarian landscape. Typically, Australians don’t eat a lot of kangaroo, perhaps because they prefer fattier meats, though it does vary regionally.

Salt and pepper squid is one of the most preferred modern Australian food recipes. Unlike the U.S. where squid is deep fried, here it’s offered to eaters after being slightly coated and wok-fried, thus making the food salty with crispy edges.

When it comes to seafood, the global touch is evident in Australian cuisine. Regardless of the species of fish used, different ways are used to cook it – from the European way like glazed, baked and served with pasta to the Asian way like stir-fried with noodles to the Indian way like spiced up curry style.

Regardless of the diversity of Australian cuisine, it can surely satisfy both the palate and the curiosity of those interested in taking a palatable journey to explore the country’s interesting cuisine history.


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