An overview of commonly found forest fruits

Mary Anne Lonergan October 25, 2019

Reviewing fruits from jungle

An overview of commonly found forest fruits

There’s a wealth of forest fruits that has been supplementing humans’ and their livestocks’ diet for centuries. But there’re very few people who actually know that these fruits are found in the jungle. Here’re some of those.

Camu camu

The first one in the forest fruits list is camu camu that can be found in the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon on a thick riverside tree. While camu camu itself is sour, it’s used in different ways and often served in the juice form and as ice cream. Camu camu is extremely popular throughout Iquitos.

Red bush apple

An attractive tropical species, the red bush apple can be found in the pockets of lowland rainforest. Mungguy/Bininj eat this fruit raw and use the pulp to sooth coughs, chest congestion, and sore throats.

Velvet leaf

This popular bird’s food from forest is found in upland and low rainforests. It’s inedible for humans. In summer and autumn, velvet leaf’s small berries get mellowed from white to metallic purple.


This is one of the forest fruits native to South and Central America and has recently started to become highly popular internationally because of its supposed antioxidant qualities. In the Brazilian Amazon, this fruit is considered as the most crucial plant species because it makes up about 42% of the total food intake.


Cocona is one of the fruits from jungle native to the South America’s Andean region. It’s a red, orange, or yellow edible berry produced by the cocona plant. These fruits come with a similar appearance to tomatoes and the taste is somewhere between a lemon and a tomato.


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