Are diamond rings a measure of true love?

Mary Anne Lonergan August 8, 2019

Do real love depends on precious rings?

diamond rings

When it comes to once in a lifetime occasions like weddings or engagements, women often prefer to have diamond rings that they can wear throughout their entire life. Of course, diamond is a gemstone that never goes out of style and can exhibit a great personal touch, but one shouldn’t consider this as a way to measure true love.

Here’re some reasons why women usually want diamond engagement rings on their D-day.


It makes them feel truly loved

Women want their men to make them feel special and truly loved. It’s a human nature to want to be treated well. And diamond rings, as the ultimate gemstone, make women feel that they only deserve the best. Also, expensive gifts are often considered by women to be a proof of true commitment.


It brings them happiness

In general, it’s a male perception that precious gifts like diamonds would put them in the right position to impress the love of their life. There’re lots of times when men take the help of lavish gifts to make their wife-to-be happy. To many women, it’s also considered a mark of celebration and to keep on cherishing the event throughout their life.

Despite the above qualities that such a precious ring can offer to a woman, it never guarantees real love. Senior people often say that the best weddings don’t necessarily have to be unreasonably expensive or lavish. In reality, true love doesn’t depend on the ring. Rather, it depends on the sentiment that goes into buying that ring.


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