Are the curses real?

Mary Anne Lonergan November 22, 2019

Reviewing reality of curses

Reviewing reality of curses

There’re some mythologies where curses exist to a good extent. There’re many people, who’ll be happy to accept blessings, but are skeptical when it comes to curses. Also, some people are there who believe that maledictions not only keep them from receiving God’s blessings but also keep them from realizing the blessings that are there to be received. Believers of maledictions often believe that once they’re released, they may continue from generation to generation until their effects are cancelled. However, here’s an effort to find out the reality of curses for those who want to maintain positivity in their lives.

There’s a flow of energy that moves among every living specimen on this planet. When someone curses another person for whatever reason, usually for wrong doing, the holder actually tries to disrupt that flow of energy, thus leading the receiver to a negative direction. And negativity can heavily impact one’s life, from hampering physical wellbeing to diminishing self-confidence.

While it’s probably impossible to find out the truth of curses, the negativity triggered by them can surely be prevented with the help of some serious steps. It may seem hard to believe that this negativity can be prevented from entering one’s life to a great extent. Taking these steps is also extremely important because embracing negativity and darkness may open the door to the life energy’s evil side.

Probably the most important step is to eliminate any negativity that one may have inside him or her. The truth is if negativity is already present inside someone, the negative energy coming from an outside source can make the situation far worse.

Though there may not be an obvious answer to those who ask “are curses real or not?” the negativity associated with a curse can surely be avoided.


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