Beautiful wedding traditions across the world

Mary Anne Lonergan December 6, 2019

Top wedding traditions around the world you always wanted to know about

Beautiful wedding traditions across the world

While wedding is an event full of happiness in almost every culture, wedding traditions greatly vary between religions, countries, ethnic groups, social classes etc. The majority of wedding ceremonies involve presentation of a gift, an exchange of wedding vows, and a proclamation of marriage that’s made publicly. Here’re some of the most exciting wedding traditions around the world.


Here, newlyweds have to put their bond to the test instantly by sawing off a log with joint effort. The act is intended to demonstrate the ability of the bride and the groom to work together and encounter the barriers that may arise throughout their marriage.


Italian cultural wedding traditions include showering the exiting couple with candied almonds, which is done by the guests. Five almonds bring longevity, fertility, happiness, wealth, and health. The treats are also known as bomboniere when they’re kept in little bags as gifts.


Here, brides don’t pick a single wedding dress. Instead, they pick three. First is the traditional Qipao, the second one is usually a white ball gown, and the third one is a cocktail dress or a gown in her preferred choice of color.


Norway comes with its own wedding traditions and customs. Here, a particular version of the layered Western wedding cake is made, in a kransekake’s form. Usually, the tower of the cake is built over a wine bottle so that guests can get a nice treat when the pieces of the dessert are broken off.

Western wedding traditions include the custom of the white wedding, where the bride wears a white dress together with a veil.


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