August 16, 2019 Mary Anne Lonergan

Things that could go wrong in a young millionaire’s life


Reviewing a millionaire’s problems

“Money doesn’t make you happy” – something often said by some people. And this is probably the biggest truth about . . .

August 15, 2019 Mary Anne Lonergan

French architectures found in Canada


Evaluating French architecture's influence in Canada

Areas that were once under the French colonial regime naturally tend to display an influence of French arc . . .

August 9, 2019 Mary Anne Lonergan

Some bizarre wedding themes to choose from


Reviewing unusual wedding theme ideas

Weddings are probably the most important events to humans. Many would-be couples put their best foot forward to make this . . .

August 8, 2019 Mary Anne Lonergan

Are diamond rings a measure of true love?


Do real love depends on precious rings?

When it comes to once in a lifetime occasions like weddings or engagements, women often prefer to have diamond rings th . . .

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Mary A. Lonergan

Mary A. Lonergan is a retired aesthetician. Being hearing impaired, she is a member of the Canadian Hearing So . . .

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