Dos and don’ts for a young woman living alone

Mary Anne Lonergan September 6, 2019

Top safety tips to live alone

Dos and don’ts for a young woman living alone

While anybody can be a victim of a crime, but a young woman living alone often becomes an easy target for criminals. Though in an ideal world, women should never have to fear anything, unfortunately that’s not the reality. For anyone who’s preparing for living alone for the first time, here’re some crucial dos and don’ts.


  • Choosing a safe apartment: “Prevention is better than cure” – almost everyone has heard of this adage and it’s completely appropriate for any young woman planning for living alone. Before moving into a property, it’s extremely important to research the area and its crime rate. This simple step can greatly lower the likelihood of any security issues.
  • Getting a dog: If possible, getting a big and nice dog can not only help one feel secure but scares off the intruders also.
  • Installing a security system: A good security system is one of the best security measures for young women planning to live alone.


  • Advertising the living arrangement: It’s just not necessary for one to vocally advertise that she’s indeed living alone. There’s no reason that untrustworthy people or strangers should know that someone’s the sole resident of the home.
  • Opening the door to strangers: Even if they say they’re people selling magazine subscriptions or just solicitors, one should never open the door without checking that for herself. Ideally, the main entrance door should have well-functioning eyehole so that the visitors can be scanned before opening the door.

Talking about security can sometimes feel like scary tactics, but it’s paramount to any single women living alone.


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