Getting to know some aboriginals

Mary Anne Lonergan November 28, 2019

Reviewing the history Aboriginal Australians of

Getting to know some aboriginals

It’s believed that Aboriginal Australians have lived in the continent for about 50,000 years. These people originally came from Asia through insular Southeast Asia (which now comprises the areas under Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Indonesia, and East Timor). Based on the archaeological evidence collected from Madjedbebe as well as Nauwalabila I - the archaeological sites in Australia’s Northern Territory, some scientists claim that early aboriginals arrived much sooner, possibly as early as 65,000 to 80,000 years ago.

Who are Australian Aboriginals?

Legally, they’re persons of Torres Strait Islander or Aboriginal descent, who’re identified as Torres Strait Islanders or Aboriginals and are acknowledged as such by the community in which they reside. All Aboriginal people are related to groups that are indigenous to Australia. However, there’s some controversy surrounding the use of the term “indigenous” as a person who descends from people who weren’t the island’s original inhabitants too can claim to be indigenous Australians. That’s why it was made legal about who the term should refer to.

Social behavior

Several evidence indicate complex social behaviors in Australian aboriginals, which include long-distance object trade (before 10,000 years ago), personal ornamentation such as by shell beads (by 30,000 years ago), and cremation (before 40,000 years ago). It isn’t yet ascertained if these people migrated to Australia at one go or came in multiple waves of migration. However, some recent genetic evidence point to the presence of multiple donor groups, which could be attributed to either a solitary heterogeneous migration or multiple waves.


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