How hair fashion changes over the years

Mary Anne Lonergan November 29, 2019

Reviewing history of fashion

Reviewing history of fashion

Fashion has always been tied to identify, for both men and women. One can style and dress in lots of ways by taking inspirations from print, media, or anything else. If history of fashion is reviewed, it can be found that some of the most adored fashion trends are classic and are tested by time and hardly go out of style ever, only experiencing minor modifications to stay on the same page with the trends. On the other hand, there’re trends that only receive short-term popularity and then usually never come back again. However, every type of fashion, including hair fashion changes over time, and that’s probably the only constant thing in this landscape.

If shoes, for example, can be considered in the context of evolution of fashion trends, during the 1930s, for both men and women, laced leather shoes were quite popular for exercise and outdoor activities. In the 40s, shoes became more practical and conservative as a result of the war. During the 1990s, leather substitutes became more popular because of environmental concerns.

When it comes to hair fashion style, in the 1920s, short haircuts were popular. In the next decade came the fashion of longer hair and during the 2nd World War, turbans and scarves became popular. Flip-style beehive hairdos became popular among women in the 1960s while bowl cuts were quite popular among men. In the 1980s, big hair was omnipresent that changed completely a decade later. Long spiral perms and straight hair became popular in the early 1990s while mid-length, shaggy haircuts were made famous by celebrities like Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston.

In short, together with other fashion quotients, hair fashion changes a lot depending upon trends and styles demonstrated by the celebrities.


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