How is French coffee different from the rest?

admin August 2, 2019

Reviewing specialties of Parisian coffee

How is French coffee different from the rest?

According to people who’ve been to Paris earlier, poor coffee was prevalent almost anywhere in the city. Historically, French coffee was prepared with inferior quality Robusta beans instead of the Arabica variety. In many cases, the roasters weren’t very specialized and their selection of beans was bad, thus resulting into a poor-quality coffee. However, these days, the Parisian coffee scene seems to be entirely transformed. Now, French coffee is considered to be one of the best across the globe and there’re reasons behind it. Here’re the major ones among them.

In many other areas of the world, paper filters are used in drip machines to absorb the majority of the oil present in coffee grounds. But when it comes to coffee in Paris or in any other French city for that matter, the flavor doesn’t get soaked up and small bits of coffee grounds are added to it to make a great cup.

The second reason is that coffee in France usually comes without any impurities. In general, impurities often show up in the making of coffee and in the drip machines but in France, the coffee comes with complete saturation of the grounds.

When it comes to coffee, there’s another major difference that can be observed in France. In other parts of the world, people often use coffee as a motivation, but in France, people actually take time to stop and savor this beverage.

If anyone has become convinced enough to try a cup of French espresso coffee and wants to know how to do it, he/she just needs to order “un café “ which is French for espresso coffee.



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