How to come up with dog names?

Mary Anne Lonergan September 12, 2019

Top tips to choose dog name?

How to come up with dog names?

As dogs cannot talk, people cannot understand whether a name is more important to the dog or the human. However, there’s no way around it, the new member of the family needs a name. There’re thousands of dog names can be found online from self-proclaimed dog-naming experts. For someone, who has just picked up his/her impossibly gorgeous bundle of fur, here’re some tips to choose dog names.

Staying away from offensive names

One should never come up with a dog name that others may find embarrassing or offensive. This may include general insults or contain a curse word in it.

Avoiding popular names

Unless someone is particularly attached to a specific dog name, he/she should avoid the most popular names. There’ll be a probability of running into other dogs with the particular dog’s name and it may lead to some confusion at the vet’s office or dog park.

Picking something timeless

Shortlisting some timeless options can be a great idea when it comes to choosing dog names. This may include choosing from literary characters, TV/film-inspired names, international cities, flowers/plants, sports legends, foods etc.

Choosing two-syllable names

Two-syllable names are usually better than one because they allow the owner to employ inflection, making it easier to communicate emotion. In addition, two or more syllable names can be pronounced in either descending or ascending manner to communicate differences in urgency.

Naming a dog doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. However, it’s important to consider a name that the owner likes and the dog responds well to.


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