Key tips for buying a house

Mary Anne Lonergan August 29, 2019

Reviewing steps to buy a house

Key tips for buying a house

For a lot of people, the process of buying a house sometime becomes so hectic that they just buy the house that falls in their price range without thinking much and this is especially true for the first time house buyers. But the process doesn’t have to be that much difficult provided some key steps are followed. For those who’ve always dreamt of buying a house without much hassle, here’re the key steps.

Finding the house

One has to take advantage of every available option for finding houses that fall within his/her budget and preferences. Avenues can be explored include using a real estate agent, driving around the preferred localities, searching for listings online etc.

Getting pre-approved for a loan

Though it’s not mandatory but it’s always recommended to obtain a pre-approval letter before one starts the home search. A pre-approval letter reveals the maximum loan amount one qualifies for. It’s important to note that a pre-qualification letter and a pre-approval letter aren’t the same.

Hiring a real estate agent

Those who buy a house for the first time, often make a mistake of not hiring their own real estate agent and rely on the abilities of the seller’s agent. It’s must be avoided because a seller’s agent is always loyal to the seller and thus takes care of the seller’s interests first.

Closing the deal

Once someone has signed a contract, gone through the house checklist, reviewed the home inspection report and negotiated any repairs, finally comes the closing process. This is also the time when the buyer needs to escrow fees and pay the closing costs.



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