Key tips to pursue your passion

Mary Anne Lonergan December 20, 2019

Crucial things to remember when following your dreams

Key tips to pursue your passion

True meaning of success varies from one person to another. One can have the ideal job, get a decent salary, has a lavish lifestyle that he or she always wanted, but may not be really successful and happy. To be truly happy, one needs to succeed in the journey of pursuing dreams. There’re many people who often ask “what are the key ways to pursue your passion?” Almost everyone knows the importance of hard-work, determination, and talent in this context, but there’re some lesser-known factors too that play crucial roles. Here’re some of them.

Following your passion isn’t a beginning point or the end. One should pursue his/her passion through continuous doing, and not just thinking about it. It doesn’t arrive while one is waiting for inspiration to come down. Instead, it’s uncovered and continued through work and action.

Those who often tell others about the importance of following your dreams sometimes don’t mention the importance of being humble. While pursuing passion, one should always be respectful to others. The key reason is success is temporary and not being respectful to others means risking losing out one’s edge. One also must understand the difference between bragging and the excitement that comes out of success. He or she may be thrilled about his/her success but others may be trying to fulfill their basic needs. So, being grateful to God and being respectful to others plays crucial roles in enjoying success and life as a whole.

In short, for those who may ask “what’s the most effective key to pursue your passion?”, the answer lies in being humble and not letting success go to one’s head.


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