Mary A. Lonergan

On The Winds of Australia

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Young and free-spirited journalist Loretta travels to the other side of the world to discover a hidden tribe that had isolated itself from the rest of the world. It doesn’t help that her companion, Ford Finnigan, the man of her fantasies and a man of the jungles of Australia, is not letting her out of his territory without any valid reasons.

A single mistake and stubbornness lead to misadventures and shocking discoveries, both in what they see in the jungle and what they feel for each other. Will they make it alive and succeed or will they face doom in the hands of their unknown enemy?


On the winds of Australia



Oh my God! Now, they are going to kill me. The words a slow, torturous death flashed in her frantic mind.
With the weights slowing her down, she turned her head and watched her enemies behind gaining on her. Suddenly, she felt a powerful arm swipe at her waist, forcing her off the dusty ground. She felt her full body being forcefully thrown onto the hard surface of a moving pickup truck. The hard landing knocked the wind from her parched lungs, causing her to bang her head against something hard. She instantly saw stars swirling in front of her.
Through the stars, she tried to look to see who had lifted her off the ground against the moonlight. She saw the very angry Ford Finnigan and faintly hearing his cursing her out loud.
“Listen here, Loretta Hobbs, you and me have to work on our communication skills if you want to stay on my damn compound, do you hear me?” Ford shouted at the top of his lungs, unsure if he got through to her or not.
His cursing began to fade away as she blacked out.

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