Rare herbal medicine for medical treatments

Mary Anne Lonergan November 1, 2019

Reviewing some rare healing herbs

Rare herbal medicine for medical treatments

Healing herbs have a wide fan following throughout the world, especially in people who prefer natural remedies for various health ailments. While some herbal medicines such as turmeric, basil etc are easier to find, some others like chamomile, lady ferns etc. are categorized as rare medicinal herbs. Here’s a list of some rare natural herbs that can offer speedy and effective relief from a wide variety of ailments.


This flowering plant has been used as one of the leading natural herbs that heal a variety of health disorders. From offering relief from tension and anxiety to treating indigestion and colic, skin irritations and inflammations, muscle spasms, and cooling down the scalp and helping to get rid of dandruff, chamomile has these and several other benefits.

Lady ferns           

These are one of the oldest plants in this world. Though there are several varieties of ferns, the soft, delicate lady fern is of special importance. Simply grabbing a bunch and rolling them up between the palms to create a rough mash that releases the juices would rapidly offer relief from hurtful nettle burns. It can also be used to ease minor burns, stings, and cuts. Bracken fern, which are similar to lady fern, too will work wonders as herbal medicines. However, the glossier, rougher, stiff sword fern as well as deer fern aren't as helpful though.


Found extensively in South America, the leaves, stem, and flowers of dandelion plants are used to produce a large number of medicines as this plant is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins. From improving the function of pancreas, offering fast relief from ankle swelling, and curing liver problems to balancing cholesterol and blood sugar level, working as a cleaning tonic for blood vessels, and helping prevent gallstones, dandelion offers several health benefits.


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