Respecting cultures of others – key ways explained

Mary Anne Lonergan November 15, 2019

Top ways to respect cultural diversity

Respecting cultures of others – key ways explained

Cultural diversity should be considered as a fine amalgamation of different cultures – introducing positive aspects of one’s own culture while respecting cultures of other people coming from different backgrounds. Unfortunately, some people fail to do it properly and give birth to a cultural clash. Here’re some ways to stay respectful to other cultures.

Learning the basic cultural etiquettes

Every culture has different rules for etiquettes and it’s just impossible to learn them all. However, one should have the basic ideas of what is considered offensive in another culture. There’re lots of avenues that can be explored to learn this – right from books to internet search.


Respecting differences in culture starts with the awareness that one’s own culture isn’t more correct or valuable than that of others. When one has this awareness, respect toward other cultures comes naturally and he/she starts seeing the world through a cultural filter.

Respecting host culture

Even if one doesn’t observer certain cultural behaviors or rules, he/she should always respect his/her host’s culture. During cultural ceremonies, observing public behavior and following the rules that are being commonly followed are good ways to respect other cultures.


While it’s natural to gravitate toward people with whom one shares his or her own culture, interacting with people from other cultures greatly helps to broaden the worldview, and thus helps in respecting cultures of different types.

It’s equally important to exchange views and ask questions without being critical. Though there’re different ways to learn about other cultures, the best way is by having face-to-face interactions.


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