Some bizarre wedding themes to choose from

Mary Anne Lonergan August 9, 2019

Reviewing unusual wedding theme ideas

Some bizarre wedding themes to choose from

Weddings are probably the most important events to humans. Many would-be couples put their best foot forward to make this event as memorable as is possible but often end up with a general wedding theme that’s widely used and can’t trigger any surprise or awe.

For those struggling with their plans to have a unique wedding, here’re some bizarre wedding theme ideas.

A Shrek-themed wedding

Someone who’s an ardent fan of the movie “Shrek” can get a Shrek-themed wedding which may include painting himself/herself green, or wearing green attire, or mimicking the characters, etc. The location of the wedding doesn’t matter much as long as the theme is maintained properly.

A zombie wedding

A zombie wedding theme would be ideal for someone in love with horror films. Unlike the earlier theme, wedding location plays a crucial role here and should be given a personalized flavor. Also, everything has to be minutely planned, from entrance to reception in order to give the guests subtle hints about the theme.

A superhero wedding

For those who’re truly inspired by the superhero characters and are looking for an unusual wedding theme, a superhero-themed wedding seems just perfect. Be it Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, or any other superhero, such a theme will not only help one to have a larger than life wedding and give a nod to his/her favorite superhero character but can even bring a lot of fun as well. Enthusiasts should try to make sure that the guests also visit the ceremony in superhero costumes to multiply the fun.


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