Things to know about body language

admin August 1, 2019

How to read body language?

Things to know about body language

For those who often ask about body language definition, in the simplest form, it’s the non-verbal element of communication that’s used to express one’s true emotions and feelings. It has been considered that non-verbal cues constitute a percentage of what people communicate. So, regardless of the place, understanding the body language of the surrounding people can prove to be a valuable skill. Here’re some important tips that would help one on know how to read body language.

Focusing on the face

Though some people have a better ability of controlling their facial expressions, some non-verbal cues can still be picked up. For example, smiles that include both genuine and fake ones, among others, can reveal a lot. When it comes to genuine smiles, usually the whole face is engaged while fake smiles generally use just the mouth. Sometimes, a slight grimace is also found on people’s face before they smile. It typically reveals that they’re hiding dissatisfaction.

Observing the posture

Those who exhibit an open posture like standing or sitting upright while placing the hands by their sides tend to be confident. On the other hand, those who tend to stand with their hands on their hips communicate a desire to dominate through their body language.

For anyone, the ability to read body language signs can help to a great extent because other people’s body’s actions, unconsciously or consciously, reflect their mental state. As a result, a single cue can reveal a lot of things that can help one to uncover the truth at any point of time.


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