Top detrimental effects of deforestation

Mary Anne Lonergan October 31, 2019

Comprehending adverse deforestation effects

Top detrimental effects of deforestation

Deforestation may occur as a result of different factors including expanding human settlements, timber harvesting, fuel use and production, agriculture, etc. Whatever be the triggering factor, deforestation always leads to severe negative impacts. Forests play crucial ecological roles, from providing homes to animals and birds to mitigating climate change, providing food, medicine etc. While forests cover more than one-fourth of the land on earth, millions of hectares of the ecosystem are being destroyed each year. Here’re the key negative effects of deforestation.

Soil erosion

One of the biggest effects of deforestation on the environment is soil erosion. Though a very minimal rate of soil loss happens even in undisturbed forests, it’s considerably increased because of deforestation – mainly through the decreased ground debris and the increased rainfall runoff. It’s further maximized by the absence of roots and vegetation, and the unprotected soil’s increased aridity.

Carbon dioxide emission

Increased level of carbon dioxide in the environment is one of the biggest negative deforestation effects. During photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is removed from the environment and oxygen is released by trees and plants. During deforestation, carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere when trees are cut down.

Loss of biodiversity

This is one the major negative effects of deforestation that not only attracts hazards but impacts significant future works as well. Deforestation means the loss of habitat for different species of animals and plants. The loss of habitat stands for the loss of species, and hence, the loss of biodiversity. And loss of biodiversity brings significant implications for the agricultural and medical industries.


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