Top ways to prevent home invasion

Mary Anne Lonergan December 13, 2019

Reviewing ways to deter home invaders

Top ways to prevent home invasion

Home invasion rates are on a rise in Australia. In 2018, a survey of 1,000 Australians revealed that 1 in 5 people have had encountered a burglary or attempted burglary. The global average of home burglaries was 1.8% while that of Australia stood at 2.5%. While these figures are alarming, one can take some preventive measures to protect his/her home. Here’re some easy steps to safeguard property, home, and family.

Stay vigilant

Home invaders usually get attracted by valuable things they can notice. So, it’s strongly advisable to keep the valuables away from prying eyes and keep the blinds closed when one leaves the home. There’re lots of Australians who leave their home’s spare key outside (say, under a rug or flowerpot etc). This is something that needs to be reconsidered, especially in the present time when the rate of home invasion in Australia is high. This is one of the first things invaders will usually look for. Also, one should consider investing in outdoor lightings including sensor lights.

Working with the neighbors

Many may not realize it, but having strong allies can help to a great extent in deterring home invaders in Australia, and in any region for that matter. The biggest advantage of this is that the neighbors keep an eye on someone’s home when he or she is away, and that person does the same in return when the neighbors are not in their homes. By employing joint effort, the security level of the area may even be taken a step further by arranging a neighborhood watch program.

Other important things to prevent home invasions include checking all the locks on doors, windows etc. and installing smoke alarms, among others.


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