Under   the Midnight Skies

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Mary A. Lonergan



When Anna Jenkins leaves her job as a school teacher to pursue a career in stage acting, her life completely changes. But just when her name becomes the talk of the town, she outgrows her love for theater. She goes to Laredo, Texas, and becomes what she considers a freelance actress. There, she meets two men who could change the course of her life.

A new man, who calls himself Jake, surfaces and blends in the acting business. Will he find out what the other men are up to? Or will he shock them when they know that he is man in the bigger picture?


Under the Midnight Skies



Brock’s eyes were strained from looking around the desert. To his disappointment, he saw nothing but the heat waves dancing upward from the dried and cracked grounds, reaching and clutching into the clear blue skies. Not only the scrubland’s waves were dancing; due to the heat, he had seen a couple of mirages many miles away of what seemed like endless scrublands and cactuses. To make it worse, there was no breeze to move the dancing waves, not even to move a single strand of hair that somehow had broken off and fallen from under his black hat and hanging down onto his sweaty face; he had to brush away that one single strand that kept sticking to his skin. His lips felt dry and on fire; he knew they would soon be peeling from lack of moisture and the heat of the sun.

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