What happens to a child’s life after death?

Mary Anne Lonergan August 30, 2019

Trying to comprehend what happens to babies when they die

Trying to comprehend what happens to babies when they die

There’re lots of facts about life after death can be found but are minimal when it comes to children. Here’s a quick glimpse of what happens to the little ones when they die.

At birth, every human is born into sin. Therefore everyone is guilty before God regardless of how old or young one is. Every human comes with a spiritual component built into him/her that returns to God as a part of life after death. Everybody who has ever lived will be facing resurrection. Now, it’s evident that there’re lots of people throughout human history who’ve lived and died ever hearing or knowing about Jesus Christ, including infants and small children who died very young. They never had a real opportunity to follow and obey Him. So, the question is what happens to babies when they die?

First, there’s no verse in Scripture that states the unbelievers will go to hell because they’ve not lived enough to believe. Probably the only passage in Scripture that explicitly speaks where children go who die in their early childhood, is 2 Samuel 12. In this passage’s context, adultery was committed by David with Bathsheba. The prophet Nathan confronts David boldly about his act and tells him that the child conceived by Bathsheba will die. David confesses his sin as a result of that confrontation. Upon receiving the news of his child has died, David quits fasting and mourning, and changes his clothing.

Second, the Bible doesn’t clearly mention the age of accountability. It refers to the age when someone can clearly understand that he or she is a sinner in need of God. So, when it comes to life after death, if children die before the time mentioned in Isaiah 7:15, it would seem that those children go to heaven when they die.


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