Wilderness survival guide to survive in the woods

Mary Anne Lonergan November 21, 2019

Wilderness survival tips you always wanted to know

Wilderness survival guide to survive in the woods

There’re many people who’ve lost their lives in the wilderness and there’re people who’ve returned safely despite facing hazards. Surviving in the woods solely depends on preparation. While there’re some skills that cannot be mastered until one gets out into the field, there’re some wilderness survival tips that every wilderness enthusiast must follow. Here’s a wilderness survival guide that can help save one’s life.

Getting water

One can make it in the woods for a couple of weeks with a minimum amount of food, but it’s not possible to survive more than a couple of days without water. Water seeks the lowest possible spot always because of the earth’s gravity. The base of a hill, mountain, or ravine is a possible place to find water. However, carrying a good water purifier is extremely important to eliminate the risk of drinking contaminated water.

Being able to perform fundamental first aid techniques

While being able to apply basic first aid skill is an appreciable skill generally, it’s one of the essential wilderness survival skills to sail through emergency situations. Knowing things like cutting and scraping first aid, mending dislocations and fractures, treating burns etc is extremely crucial.

Building a shelter

Hypothermia is one of the biggest causes that trigger severe hazards in the wilderness. It means a well-insulated shelter has to be one’s top priority and knowing how to build it is one of the key survival skills. With the help of a tarp and a few sticks, a temporary lean-to can be built to keep oneself safe.

While there’re some other skills that need to be developed, the ones mentioned in this wilderness survival guide should help one enough to survive in the woods.


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